There are several free natural attractions located on or near the main ring road. These are included in most guided tour itineraries. You are likely to stop at most or all of them if you take one of the Island Tours offered by several companies. Or you may prefer to map out your own route, and follow it on rented scooters or in a jeep.

Public Attractions

It's easy to let the sun and sea lull you into the feeling that you never want to budge from the beach. But Samui is an island of great natural beauty and variety. Even those who don't get excited about sightseeing will find that the journeys to these popular attractions will provide their own delights.

The following natural attractions are free of charge.




Hin Ta & Hin Yai

Heaven's Garden

Mummified Monk

Scenic View Point

Buddha's Footprint

Eight Headed Coconut Tree

Secret Hall of Buddhas
P.H.C.N.T. Tourism Association of Koh Samui.